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How many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe? SEO 2021

Before Going To How many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe? Let’s understand First What Is Backlinks ? and What is the Importance of Backlinks in SEO? If You Already Know and Bore With This Topic, You Can Skip this Part.

In a Simple Understanding, Backlinks are referred links or incoming links to Your Site. If Someone Sites Will recommend Your Site or post your Site links on that site, it will be a Backlinks For You. It Can Be a Post links or Your Site Page links, or anything Which recommend Your Site.

According To Moz Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another.” It means that if multiple Sites recommend your site, Google will think that this site is providing some valuable things or Content so many sites are recommending it at final google will rank your site, and hence It will Increase your Site Authority.

So Backlinks is most important factor For SEO.

Let’s Finally Go To the Main Topic How many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?

Nowadays, SEO becomes Most Challenging For Newbies and Newcomers in The Digital Marketing Field. They Are Confuse about How many Backlinks Per Day is Safe While Creating Backlinks.

How many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe
SEO Difficulty

Due To The Difficulty or Competition, They Tried To Create as many as maximum Backlinks in minimum time, which may be Dangerous for Site Where Google thought that was doing Spaming and thrown out From Ranking. It would be best if you were CareFul While Creating Backlinks.

There is Not any clear definition or an official announcement For “How many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?“. Due to Changing Google Algorithm Updates, There are no Fix Numbers of backlinks per day that are Safe, but you can create between 10-30 backlinks Per Day will be normal and natural. For Google, it will be a Safe Zone & maximum be 50 Upto.

There is No matter How many Backlinks Per day is Safe? Important is that Quality of Backlinks

Quality is More Important Than Quantity; hence you Should Read below The What Are The Important Part While Creating Backlinks?

There is not any Universal law for Creating Backlinks, I specially Categorized in three parts To make it easy for you.

1. Domain Authority: Domain Authority is a metric created by Moz (Saas Company) For The Purpose of the rating of Domain or any website in Scale 1-100 Where 100 being the best and 1 Be the Worst Site. So Backlinks From Higher Authority Websites Helps To Increase Site Ranking.

2. Dofollow/Nofollow: Dofollow Backlinks Are The Genuine Backlinks That Helps Increase Your Site rank and Authority. In Simple language, Dofollow Links or those income Links to Your Site Where Any Particular Websites Gives Permission to google Crawler to Visit Your site or Indicate That This Site or link is Trustable So that It helps to increase your site authority and finally helps to Rank.

Nofollow Backlinks are those incoming links to your site, Which indicate the Google Crawler That site or links Are Not Responsible or Don’t Trust On That Site. But Some How If You Get Backlinks From Article Of High Authority Websites, whatever it is, It will Help To Rank Your Site even if links were no-followed.

How to check dofollow and nofollow links?

It's Easy Just  Press the Mouse Right button and Click Inspect Option in a links Of any Partcular Text or Contetent of website If You Found "Nofollow" or "noreffer" tag that was Nofollow backlinks if you didn't found any tag that was a Dofollow Baklinks

3. Types Of Backlinks: There are especially two types of Backlinks Nofollow and Dofollow Which I already mentioned in the above paragraph. I am Here Specially Categorized a where do you from Get Your Backlinks in any sites Like :

  • Post Backlinks
  • Comment Backlinks
  • Wiki Submission
  • Image links
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission…etc

You Can get a Different Type of Backlinks From One Site. So Which Is The Most Important?

I Recommend you to make maximum Post or Article Backlinks From Authority Websites, Which Boost Your Website Ranking Faster than Others Links.

Semrush is One of The Best Links & Keyword Research Tool, which helps You Get Quality Backlinks From Authority Websites. You Can Checkout 7 Days Trail

Semrush’s Backlinking Tools

Final Word

Don’t Render On number of backlinks per days , Focus On Quality Content and links. If Quantity Matters There are lot’s of Big Authority Websites Which tend’s to get 1000’s of Backlinks Per Day Where Google Don’t Implies any Penalty Like, or others. So Focus On Values and hard work you will get automatically good results. Don’t Try Any Shortcut, Shortcut occurs only for temporay or bad result

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How many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?  SEO 2021
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