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Discover Azure Functions

Azure Functions are a great solution for processing data, integrating systems, working with the internet-of-things (IoT), and building simple APIs and microservices. Consider Functions for tasks like image or order processing, file maintenance, or for any tasks that you want to run on a schedule. Functions provides templates to get you started with key scenarios.

Azure Functions supports triggers, which are ways to start execution of your code, and bindings, which are ways to simplify coding for input and output data. There are other integration and automation services in Azure and they all can solve integration problems and automate business processes. They can all define input, actions, conditions, and output.

Compare Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps

Both Functions and Logic Apps enable serverless workloads. Azure Functions is a serverless compute service, whereas Azure Logic Apps provides serverless workflows. Both can create complex orchestrations. An orchestration is a collection of functions or steps, called actions in Logic Apps, that are executed to accomplish a complex task.

For Azure Functions, you develop orchestrations by writing code and using the Durable Functions extension. For Logic Apps, you create orchestrations by using a GUI or editing configuration files.

You can mix and match services when you build an orchestration, calling functions from logic apps and calling logic apps from functions. The following table lists some of the key differences between these:

Durable FunctionsLogic Apps
DevelopmentCode-first (imperative)Designer-first (declarative)
ConnectivityAbout a dozen built-in binding types, write code for custom bindingsLarge collection of connectors, Enterprise Integration Pack for B2B scenarios, build custom connectors
ActionsEach activity is an Azure function; write code for activity functionsLarge collection of ready-made actions
MonitoringAzure Application InsightsAzure portal, Azure Monitor logs
ManagementREST API, Visual StudioAzure portal, REST API, PowerShell, Visual Studio
Execution contextCan run locally or in the cloudRuns only in the cloud

Compare Functions and WebJobs

Like Azure Functions, Azure App Service WebJobs with the WebJobs SDK is a code-first integration service that is designed for developers. Both are built on Azure App Service and support features such as source control integration, authentication, and monitoring with Application Insights integration.

Azure Functions is built on the WebJobs SDK, so it shares many of the same event triggers and connections to other Azure services. Here are some factors to consider when you’re choosing between Azure Functions and WebJobs with the WebJobs SDK:

FunctionsWebJobs with WebJobs SDK
Serverless app model with automatic scalingYesNo
Develop and test in browserYesNo
Pay-per-use pricingYesNo
Integration with Logic AppsYesNo
Trigger eventsTimer
Azure Storage queues and blobs
Azure Service Bus queues and topics
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Event Hubs
HTTP/WebHook (GitHub
Azure Event Grid
Azure Storage queues and blobs
Azure Service Bus queues and topics
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Event Hubs
File system

Azure Functions offers more developer productivity than Azure App Service WebJobs does. It also offers more options for programming languages, development environments, Azure service integration, and pricing. For most scenarios, it’s the best choice.

Discover Azure Functions

What is Bitcoin? A Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide


Hai, Are You Excited To Learn About World Most Popular Crypto Currency called Bitcoin.

I Know Nowadays There Is a Crypto Currencies news that is Trending Everywhere. So definitely, If You didn’t know about it, it’s automatically Increased The Curiosity On You to learn about cryptos, especially about Bitcoin.

In short, Bitcoin is a Digital Currency Which is Use as Digital Money On Todays. Without Being Technical and make a Pain on your Head, you will Get a Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide in this Article.

Before Dipping On The Topic, Let’s Start with The History Of Bitcoin.

History Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was fully developed & launched in 2009 By Anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto– Which may be a person or a Group- Mystery are Still Unkown.

The reason behind to development of bitcoin is to develop the first electronic cash system that was fully decentralized means there are no owners or central authorities & servers to control & production of the currencies, which was fully automated on technology with fully secure and in good prototype.

Do You Know?

In 2010 first time Bitcoin was used to Buy Pizza. Someone Purchase Two Pizzas With More Than 10,000 Bitcoin. If he Holds that Bitcoin now, that would be worth more than $100 Million.

In 2011, Nakamoto Shared the Source Code and Published The Domain with Bitcoin Community.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not physically available as currency notes or dollars. It does not rely on any government or agencies, so it is decentralized.

Bitcoin is used as currency to buy things. The transactions are verified through a blockchain system. There are no accounts, addresses, or numbers that identify the account owners. But there are unique encrypted keys that connect the buyers and sellers, so it is highly Private, Anonymous & Secure.

Like Gold & Diamonds, It is Produced Through Mining, But the mining Process was done inside the CPU & processor of computers. You can read the details of Bitcoin mining in the Below Paragraph.

Bitcoin Mining produces Bitcoins & transitions are verified through a Blockchain system using powerful energy processors computers.

There are 18.5 million bitcoins produced, and about 2.5million is left to mine, which means there will be a total of 21 million bitcoins in existence. These are circulated and used as an exchange in the future.

In mining, computers solve complex mathematical problems that will be more difficult according to time. Every Time Computer solves one block of bitcoins means the miner will get a reward of 1 bitcoin. A user established a bitcoin address to receive bitcoin.

A small Unit of Bitcoin is Satoshi. BTC represented Bitcoin.

100 Million Satoshi = 1 Bitcoin

Do You Know?

Every day 900 Bitcoin is produced in The world & 89.660% of Bitcoin is Produced in total.

What is Wallet?

The wallet is a type of digital wallet used to buy and send cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. In cryptocurrencies, wallets are software and programme representing cryptographic control and access of blockchain address which is used to receive and send bitcoins.

In Wallet, Users are provided secret numbers or Private Keys corresponding to the blockchain address.

If you lose or leak these private wallet keys, you will forever lose or steal your coins. Through Your Wallet Keys, anyone can send your coins on their own. You can’t regain coins because these are highly anonymous & Never Identified.

Mainly There are four types of wallets:

Desktop Wallets: Desktop wallets are installed on laptops & computers, which give You full functionality To control your wallet. In Market, some wallets give you some extra functionality like node software & Exchange features.

Desktop wallets are relatively insecure in terms of security because computers can be hacked or get easily unauthorized access.

Some Popular Desktop Wallets are:

  • Bitcoin Core,
  • Armory,
  • Hive OS X, and Electrum

Mobile wallets: Mobile wallets are the same functionality as desktop which can be used on both ios & Android

These wallets give mobility & Ease of use while payment on shops & QR-Payments.

There are many malware-infected mobile wallets, so do some research before choosing mobile wallets.

Bitcoin Wallet, Mycelium Bitcoin, Hive Android Wallet are popular mobile wallets.

Web Wallets: Web wallets are the most popular and Highly using crypto wallets that allow you to store, exchange, & transfer Your coins easily, Which can be accessed from anywhere to any device. Even You can get access Through Emails.

Having Good security but web wallets are also at counterparty risk because malware and phishing attacks steal your password. Mainly These Are Hacked Due to Bitcoin users logged with many third party services.

Some popular Web wallets are Coinbase, Gemini and Blockchain.

Hardware Wallets: Hardware wallets are the most secure bitcoin wallets. There is a rare case of successful attacks on hardware wallets because they store private keys on physical devices which is inaccessible through the internet.

These wallets are developed as a USB drive where if you want to bitcoin transactions on the Computer, you can plug the hardware wallet in your system, which can transition without compromising the private’s keys.

Hardware wallets are immune to virus attacks and theft protection, which may cost around 100-200$. The Popular Hardware wallets are Ledger and Trezor.

Note: Hackers Highly target crypto coins; they can’t hack the blockchain system, mainly Bitcoin or any Other crypto coins that are hacked and theft Through the wallets, exchanges & Third Parties Logins which give accessibility to access Your Private Keys.

So means,

Wallet security is essential to secure your crypto coins. Hackers can steal Bitcoin through weak wallets. So must be careful On wallets.

Do You Know?

Mt Gox hack is the world ever biggest bitcoin hacking where hackers stole 850,000 BTC.

How to Use Bitcoin?

I think You Know the Some Basic Terms of Bitcoin Now. Apart From Mining, You can Earn and get bitcoins From Different ways. Many websites pay you rewards as a bitcoin after completing specific tasks to Earn Bitcoin On Freeways. Another way is that You can accept as a payment for goods, even earn more through bitcoin trading, which was now legitimate in many countries. You can track your bitcoin as digital payments like transition, total amount, sending and receiving reports through wallets like Coinbase, which are easy to set up like your Paypal accounts. 100,000 merchants accept bitcoin as a digital payment where you can buy gift cards to Pizza.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoins

Cryptos are the future of currencies that are used as money and digital payments in the world. With Lots of Opportunities, there are many risks or Concs of Bitcoins like this is new for our world. We didn’t know many values and assets of this technology which is even more to explain.

There is No governing part for Bitcoin, which is anonymous. So many illegal activities are running through Bitcoins; we can’t complain to anybody if we lose or lose Bitcoins, which are Unstable. Starting trading without good skills and knowledge is even riskier. Middle-Class Investing may be more complex than other people.

Don’t worry; there are many rules, and terms are emerging now to make secure bitcoins. Many countries are fully accepting and promoting bitcoin as digital money.


Who is The Founder of Bitcoin?

The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Is it Good to Invest On Bitcoin?

Without Good Knowledge and analytical skills, Investing In Bitcoin May be Risky.

What is the Official Website of Bitcoin?

The official website of Bitcoin is

What are Bitcoin Exchanges?

Bitcoin Exchanges is Changing your Crypto coin into real-world money like dollars and your local currencies.

Cryptos can make a new record in the global economy, having lower transition fees for online exchanges of money and increasing the protection from identity theft by having a secure nature of the transition.

So There have Both Opportunities and Risks on Bitcoins. Curing the Negative assets of Bitcoin and giving some central thoughts and laws for cryptos, we can save cryptos as a future of currencies Because the Future would be the time of technology. Traditional economies & currencies would be replaced and make one globalized economy in some decades of the world.

If You like The Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide, Don’t Forget To Share our Article. If You Want to Learn More About Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies, You can Join Our Private Crypto Group For Further Discussion.

What is Bitcoin? A Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide

How To Boost WordPress Website Speed Performance? [6 Easy Steps]


 Want To Speed Up Your Website?

Ya, I Know Slow Websites Doesn’t Like Anybody. Every second is A Great Opportunity Where You Can Lose A Huge Traffics.

Struggling with WordPress Website Speed and wondering on the internet for How to Boost WordPress website speed? Then You are in Right Place.

Poor Webhosting Definitely Slower Websites, Rather Than Webhosting Some Factors That May make Your Website Slow which I will include On This Article, which will Surely Help You.

A Good Page Speed Brings A Good Page Experience Signals For Web Vitals.

Above The Pic is Metrics That The slower Web speed increases the rapid Bounce Rate So That website Maybe Takedown By Google.

Google Already Declared That Speed Also will be The Ranking Factors For Mobile Searches And More So, We Need To Optimized Website Speed Which You can note this factors for slow websites:

1. Not Clear Caching

Caching is an essential feature that you should not overlook on your website, so here is my one fully cast website, so we have a 1.3 second load time.

let’s take a look at the same website that is not cached

so this right here is running at around 3.7 seconds, and this is the same website, so you can see how it’s loading almost two times slower just by not having a caching plug-in

so by having a caching plugin on your website, it will help speed up your website now if you don’t understand :

What caching is?

It’s creating a replicated version of your website .so let’s say you have a visitor that comes to your website and keep refreshing the page. The server doesn’t have to keep loading everything repeatedly; it gives the visitor a cached version of the website, putting less strain on the server and not using as many resources now.

If you’re going to ask me, you know, okay, so I need a caching plug-in. Which one should I use now? There are various free caching plugins out there.

However, I use WP rocket, and I’m sure many other people do; it is probably one of the best caching plugins. You can checkout Through Our Special link to get it.

Suppose you want to try this out now, the difference between this one and other caching plugins. I like this one because it comes with a lazy load, so those of you don’t know.

What lazy load is?

we have the websites or blog right there, but maybe we don’t need to load everything on the page, so what lazy load does is that it loads things as needed so, for example,

let’s say someone comes to your website, refreshes the page, and clicks on get started; what is the point of loading everything on the way down the bottom of the page all if they never even load it? You know there’s no reason. Even to pack all this stuff.

so by implementing lazy load on your website, you can only load what is necessary, so I do recommend WP rockets; so if you want to try that out, there is a link below but caching is crucial; it’s essential, and this is solid proof that you need to have a caching plug-in on your websites

2. Optimizing Images

This is probably the beginners biggest mistake where they just go ahead and Google Images, and they grab it in the image they find, and they put it on their website.

I am guilty of this too. When I first started, trust me, everyone does this, but the problem with that is that those images are massive, and you probably don’t even realise what you’re putting on your website.

Because you don’t see the size, you just see the image’s dimensions, and you say, oh, I’ll put it on my websites. Well, that could slow your website down.

Now there are two plugins, or there’s one plug-in and one website that can drastically compress the image size, so there is, you can go ahead and upload images, and it shrinks it down. I mean, this website will shrink it down to at least 50%

it does an excellent job at compressing the images, and as you can tell you know there is virtually no difference, so you can save a lot of space on your website

Also, if you have tons of images on your website and don’t feel like manually doing one by one, you can install WP smush, or this will go ahead and smush the pictures on your websites now.

I don’t think it’ll be as efficient as if you do it yourself, but it helps you know, so let’s just take a look at my website, so here on my website.

If we can save one second by taking out one image on websites, images are crucial. That’s just one image. I’m sure on your website; you have several photos.

If You are willing to ask me what is a good page size and what size should my images be?

I try to go for somewhere around 50 kilobytes per image somewhere around there. If you can get it to lower then, that’s good. If it’s higher, yeah, that’s okay too. Anything higher than like 200 kilobytes on an image, I would try to optimise it.

If you’re going to ask me about total page size, the average full-page size according to the Internet in 2020 is around 3 megabytes, which is a little bit. Still, you can always get it down to one point five megabytes because I remember a lot of this stuff is just images.

So if you optimise your images, you can have a faster website, so go through each of your pictures and see the size of them; if any of them are on one megabyte, get them out of your website right away so simply by going through your images and compressing them and fixing them you can drastically speed up the speed of your website.

3. Delete Unnecessary Plugins

Guys, I know you like plugins because they’re free and adds a lot of functionality to your website the problem with adding too many plugins is that it will slow down your website.

so here my website is loading at around 2.4 seconds

now what I did was I deactivated  some of my plugins, and my site speed up 2.4s to 834ms

( We Moved To New Domain)

and you notice right here the page size is the same, but we are saving at least one second in speed because I’d activated just a few plugins now

We’ll worry about that later, but for the rest of you, it’s vital not to have too many plugins on your website because this will slow it down, so go through your website and go ahead and delete any unnecessary plugins. I guarantee you that will speed up your websites.

4. CDN

A CDN stands for a content delivery network, and it reduces the physical distance a user has to travel through cyberspace to your website by actually connecting to a local server, so a CDN will go ahead and take your website and create cached versions of it and spread them out on local servers.

So users can go ahead and just connect to local servers, so they don’t have to go ahead and travel to your server, saving some loading time, so if your website’s on a global basis, it’s a huge deal if your website is more of local websites.

I don’t think you’re going to see that much of a significant difference unless you have many people connecting from your website from very far away.

But SiteGround does offer free CDN. If you go to your hosting services, you can get a free cloud flare CDN. Just free for siteground users.

You can Get a Premium CDN For Free With This Hosting !!



  • Free CDN
Activate Now


  • Free CDN
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  • Free CDN
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  • Free CDN
Activate Now

I know there’s MaxCDN and Cloudflare. I’ll probably be one of the two famous companies out there, but by adding a CDN, you could save a few seconds of

Having the recommended PHP setting now notice I did not say the most up-to-date.

I’ll explain why, but first, let’s access your PHP manager through cPanel and then show you the Softaculous where you can change it.

so for cPanel users, just go to PHP version manager through Cpanel dashboard you would click on that click on your website, and then you can go ahead and adjust it there

Now there are several versions I  don’t think 5.6 is even supported anymore when writing this article. I think 7.3 or 7.2 is currently what most companies are using.

As a standard, there is 7.4, but that will have some compatibility issues with some plugins.

Also, you saw Softaculous users, But If you go ahead and scroll down to the current software, it is software here it is software select PHP version and companies like Siteground I think they use 7.2 as their base.

it goes all the way to 7.4, but if you’re using something like 7.0 or 7.1

I would go with the current 7.2 or 7.3. You can always go ahead and improve the PHP and then go back to your websites. If you see any problems, then yeah, you should go ahead and change it back.

but don’t take my advice just backup your website just in case, but by updating your PHP, you can improve the performance of your website

But note that I would not recommend going to the highest PHP because if you’re using like ten plugins the odds of at least 2 or 3 of those plugins not being compatible with the newest version of PHP, you might get some weird errors WordPress.

But if you’re using an old version, make sure to upgrade because that’s very important they do have performance upgrades.

6. Use Litespeed Servers

There’s a lot of server software out there. There’s Engine X which is good. There’s APache and also Lightspeed, which is the fastest among the three. Now you can always debate that, but light speed servers are generally considered the quickest server software out there, so when you’re signing up for a web hosting company, you want to make sure that they have light speed servers.

like inmotion that is loading out in 6s, and that’s because they’re using old Apache software, so the software that using is very out to date and I can understand that they don’t want to update it because that’s required a lot of infrastructures to change.

But you want to go ahead and go with companies like Wpx, where they have Lightspeed servers. 

You want to go with the Namehero. They have Lightspeed servers also Siteground they have Lightspeed cloud servers because they are being hosted on Google cloud. 

but you can see on their plans right here that they offer the free Lightspeed, and it is it’s a lot faster than all the Apache software companies like WPX 

Lightspeed Server Helps to Improve The Site Speed Before The Selection Web Hosting Please Insure the server speeds some of the popular web hosting speeds According To Pingdom.

Among The Cloudways Are The Superfast Managed Cloud Web hosting with 1.42s than the Bluehost, Greengeeks, Hostgator & Others.

Web Hosting For Speeds



  • Fast Web Hosting
Starting From $10/Mon


  • Fast Web Hosting
  • (No Shared Hosting)
Starting From $15/Mon


  • Fast Web Hosting
Starting From $25/Mon


I Already Included That the Webhosting is The Main Factor For Website SPeed If There Is Lightspeed Software And Auto caching features enabled Websites, Automatically Boost Web speeds. So Some Extra Factors Excluding Webhosting is I Already Included On This Article If this not working try Switching to light WordPress Themes Like Astra, Generatepress & Oceanwp These Are Lightweight WordPress Themes which may help to Boost Your Websites. If This is Not Working You Need To Switch Your Hosting.

I Hope This Article Will Help You To Boost Your Web Speed. If You Like, Don’t Forget To Share For Stay Tuned You Can be Subscribed On Our Telegram Channel Or Join Our Facebook Private Group.

How To Boost WordPress Website Speed Performance? [6 Easy Steps]

Namecheap Black Friday Deal 2021: Save Up To 99% off

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Namecheap Black Friday Features

Namecheap is one of the most popular domain registrars. They have been in this industry for a long time they are well known for cheap domain registries. Now they offer Web Hosting Services Which is Cheap & Budget-friendly For Starters to Business.

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Benefits Of Namecheap Black Friday Deal 2021

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Namecheap Blackfriday Shared Hosting Discounts

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Top Namecheap Alternative Black Friday Deals For 2021

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Namecheap is a popular domain register all though in the domain Business they have a highly good reputed on Domain market so Webhosting is a new business for Namecheap or you can say newcomers but becoming new, they offer the best service for Webhosting which is cheap and budget-friendly with lots of feature.

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Namecheap Black Friday Deal 2021: Save Up To 99% off

Trending 5 Famous WordPress Themes For Blogging [Pro]

Want To Create Awesome Blog Like Professional Bloggers?

Many Of People Blogs On WordPress: One Of The Most Using Content Management Software In The World.

WordPress Theme Determines Your Blog Design and layout, Impression Among Your Audience, and Impact Indirectly For SEO.

Every blogger Wants To Their Blog Design Like A Pro or Unique; according To Your Blog Niche, There Must Be a Perfect and Right Theme.

There are a Lot’s Of WordPress Themes. So if there Have dozens Of Choice, Then It automatically Creates Confusion. I also Switched My WordPress Theme Lot’s Of Time in my multiple sites. So I have Good Experience in Choosing A WordPress Theme.

I created The List of Trending Famous WordPress Themes For Blogging, Where I will Keep Updated ABout The WordPress Theme According To Their Features And Industrial Usage.

Keep Reading My Top Picks For Buying Guide, which will clear your confusion and give you a sense of picking the best product for you.

1. GeneratePress– Lightweight And Fastest WordPress Theme

Credit: Generatepress

GeneratePress Is One Of The Best Lightweight, And Fastest WordPress Theme, Which was used on more than 500 websites. This Is One Of The Favorite WordPress Theme, and I am using it on this blog.

GenratePress is a multipurpose WordPress theme; you can create a blog, create business sites, create a portfolio and eCommerce site using the woocommerce plugin and more. It Comes with Both Free And Paid Version.

In Free Version, There are limited Features. If You want to create a perfect and unique blog, then you need a pro version.

Its Popular Features :

  • Lightweight theme Weight Under 30kb
  • Fastest WordPress Theme
  • Totally Beginners Friendly
  • SEO and Mobile Friendly
  • Dedicated Team and Time for Development and Support.
  • Fully Gutenberg Ready
  • Translated Over 40+ Languages
  • Supports RTL languages
  • Lot’s Of Premium Modules and Elements
  • GP and WPML are fully compatible

I hope You Like The Features Like Me; I know it’s an Awesome WordPress theme If You want To Start Blogging as a Beginners.

According To

Active Installations: 400,000+

Some Popular Websites Using GeneratePress: For Inspiration


Price: For Paid Version $59/yr

Studiopress Genesis Framework – SEO Optimized Theme

Studiopress Genesis Framework
Credit : Studiopress

Studiopress Genesis Framework is clean code SEO optimised WordPress Theme Recommended by Yoast And Matt Mullenweg.

This is a Framework Theme, Developed By Many Professional Designers With a Great Team So After The Purchase, you will Get Full Developer Support To Design Your Theme.

Studiopress is an Advanced Theme Usage By Many Professional Bloggers, so You need a Little Coding Knowledge To Design it. You can use Elementor Page Builder or any other page builder that provides a drag and drops feature.

Studiopress has a high reputed Theme Design Company in the Industry. This Fully SEO Optimized With Clean Codes brings many default SEO Modules, So Don’t Need to Worry About SEO.

Some Popular Features of  Studiopress.

  • SEO Optimized
  • Fast And Lightweight
  • Security
  • Clean Code
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Gutenberg Ready

Some Popular Sites Using Genesis Framework: For Inspiration


Price: From $59/yr

Do You Want Genesis Framework For Free?

You can Checkout WP Engine Hosting, One Of The World Popular Fastest Hosting, which hosted 1.2 million websites in 150 countries. You, Will, Get 10 Studiopress Themes Including Genesis framework For Free.

Astra Pro – Multipurpose Fastest WordPress Theme

Astra Pro
Credit : WP ASTRA

Astra Pro is A Multipurpose Fastest and Easy Customizable WordPress theme. It Suits For All Type Of Blogging Niche and Business websites. Specially Recommended By WPBeginner and WPcrafter

You Can Create Blogging Websites, Create Business And Portfolio Websites, Create Fashions and Ecommerce Store And More.

Astra is Also the Fastest and Page Builder loving WordPress Theme, Where you can Customize Your Website Easily Using Any Page Builder, especially my Favorite One Elementor And Thrive, Architect.

It Comes With Both Free And Paid Version; like Others theme in a Free Version, There are Limited Features; for Pro Blogging, You Need an Astra Premium Version.

Some Popular Features Of Astra Pro :

  • Multipurpose Theme
  • Lightweight And Fast Less Than 50Kb
  • Easy Customizable
  • Woocommerce Compatible
  • Page Builder Loving
  • SEO and Mobile Friendly
  • Gutenberg Ready

According to

Active Installations: 1+ million

Some Popular Sites Using Astra Pro: For Inspiration


Price: From $59/yr

Divi –  Impressive Multipurpose Theme

Credit : Divi

Divi is Also One Of The Popular themes Of Elegant Themes. This is Also Highly Profession WordPress Themes Using By Many Bloggers right Now.

Most Of the Theme Are Highly Curated, Like Divi, Which Can Be Used For Multiple Purpose so that You Can Design Any Website Through IT.

Elegant Brings regular Updates and improvements So That You Will Get’s Lot’s Of Features With This Theme which Comes With Powerful Page Builder Called Divi Builder Provides You Drag And Drops Feature To Design Your Site.

Divi is A Premium theme with Lot’s of Multiple Features and a Premium Template. It Depends On your Art Of Customization.

  • Intuitive Useful Dashboard
  • Powerful Page Builder With Woocommerce Support
  • Multiple Professional Templates
  • Ease Of Use And Can Create a website By Anybody
  • Advanced Design Module For Builder

Some Popular Sites Using Divi : For Inspiration


Price: From $89/yr

Affiliate Booster – For Affiliate Marketing

Credit : Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster Is A Famous WordPress theme for affiliate marketing created by famous blogger Kulwant Nagi, Founder Of Bloggingcag.

Affiliate Booster Themes Comes With its Plugin; you Also get A Free Version Of This Theme. In A Free Version, There Is Limited Features Likes Pros And Cons, Notification, notice, button and Single Product Buttons.

The Pro Version Enables You  To Create a Perfect Affiliate Blog with unlimited features like coupon, comparison, top picks, progress bar, single premium products, tables, and more.

Some Popular Features Of Affiliate Booster 

  • Multiple Customizable Premium Blocks 
  • SEO And Schema Optimized
  • Fully Page Builder Compatible
  • Mobile And User friendly
  • Gutenberg Ready 
  • Fully Customizable

Some Popular Sites Using Affiliate Booster : For Inspiration


Price : From $29/yr

Method To Select Perfect Theme

Finding a Perfect Option, From Thousands Of Themes is Like an Impossible Task, So I Considered some elements and features to Make it Easier To Choose the Right theme When You are Shopping Around.

Easy Customizable

If Your Beginner Or New In WordPress, Then It must Be Confusing For You; like Me And Choose Some Complicated Theme,

In My Beginning experience, I always Choose a Heavy Design Theme where demos of themes attract me a lot; I always exclude the Ease Of Customization, It creates Complex for Me when I try to design my site, and I lost a Lot Of Time, Effort And Money On That So Don’t Repeat That mistake Like Me.

Website Layout Also Determine your Site Authority, So You Need To Customized It On A perfect Way. At the same time, If Customizing the themes Consume Lots of Time And Efforts You Can Lose lot’s Of Many Things Later. So Themes Must Be easy Customizable.

Easy Customizable Means You Can Easily Change a Color Of Blog Layout In One Click, You Can Change Typography, Post Style and Button Layout easily with ones like that Believe Me This will save a lot of time design your blog beautifully like Mine.

It will Solve your Designer Cost. You can Easily Personalize Your Blog In a Beautiful layout. Where Readers Will Love and Enjoy To Read It. This All Problem Will Solve With Your Zero Experience.

SEO Friendly

How Will It Be Cool When You SEE Your Blog on Google Top Page in Your Required Keywords?

Now Think That Your Blog is Down Due to Your Website Coding Structure without Knowing You?

Ya, It’s True; site Speed, Coding Structure and Responsive Design are core factor for SEO ranking; even Google New Update Core Web Vitals Gives More Important On That.

SEO Factor is Most Important Part, SEO Becomes The Tuff Competition For Newbies Blogger So Always Need To Select an SEO Optimized Theme, which will Extra Boost Your SEO For Your Website.

So While Selecting a WordPress Theme, You Should Try To Select a theme, Which code Format must be loved by Google.

Then, If You Thinking, “How To Know All About This?”

Don’t Worry When You Selecting A Theme, Theme Author Or Developer Already Featured Their SEO Features and Modules On Theme Profiles Or On Their Official Websites Which Indicates The Theme is SEO Optimized.

So SEO Is Too Harder So Don’t Make It More Harder by Selecting a Theme Which works Against You.


I Already Mention That the Speed Of Your Website Is Most important On SEO, Which Was Possible By Lightweight Theme And Good Hosting Provider.

Lightweight Theme Refer That The theme was not mess Up With an Unnecessary Code.

Many Theme Provides a Guarantee And False Claim with The Speed Related Features So You Must Be Aware And Dig Their Features And Modules By Yourself.

If Your Theme Is Lightweight, It will Bleeze Out With The Website Speed. If Not, Then It will Slow Down your website Where You already Lose lots Of traffic where it’s No Matter How You Write Great Content.

If Your Website Loads On 2-3s Then It will Provide Good Page Experience Signal To The Google, It Increased The Trustworthy Of Your Blog.

Google Always Want To Serve Content To People Fast And Instant So Always Prefer Fast Website.

Focusing On a Lightweight theme will Always Beneficial For You, Which Increase the Authority Of Your Blog, Always Rank Better And Loves By Readers.

Easy Monetization

When You Plan To Start a Blog, I Know That You Think Lot’s Of dreams And hopes With That. And You Target One Of Them to Make Reality On Your Life.

While Selecting a WordPress Theme, You Also, Select That where You Can Able T MAke Some Passive Income. Which Will Boost Your Life And Journey towards Your Dream.

I Know Only Themes Is Not the main way to Earn But Let Think You Create A blog Just For Fun At You Grow Rapidly and Gain Lot’s Of Follower And Subscriber, Now You Have Millions Of Visitors Per Month. You Planned To Add Some Sponsor Banner And Ads To Earn Some Bucks, But You Have No Option For That

And You Need To Purchase New Theme And Change All Content Arrangement With Your Layout Then It’s Become So Irritation And Time-Consuming For You.

So Be Already Prepared And Set a Mindset About Monetizing Your Site where You Theme Can Play Nicely To Make Revenue, and even Your Theme Can handle direct ad placement.


Which WordPress Theme Is Best For Blogging?

For a Beginning And Overall Purpose, You Can Go With GeneratePress Or Astra. If You Have Coding Skills Want To Make More Professional You can Go With Studiopress Genesis Framework

How To Select Perfect Theme?

There Are Thousands Of Theme, Impossible To Choose Perfect But Always Select a Theme: Simple, Easy to Customization & SEO Friendly. You Can Go With Free Themes, And Later you can Upgrade On Premium.

Which Theme I Am using ?

Currently, I am Using Affiliate Booster Pro On My Site.


There Are Ton’s Of Themes Available For WordPress I Only Add Top 5 Famous WordPress Themes For Blogging In This Post Not To Create Confusion For You. These Are High Uses And Popular And Trending in the Blogging Industry. Otherwise, You Can Go With This Alternative List :

Extra Alternative Famous WordPress Themes For Blogging:

  1. OceanWP – Alternative For Generatepress And Astra
  2. Newspaper By Tagdev – Multipurpose News And Magazine Theme
  3. Schema By MystudioPress – Overall Best SEO Optimized Theme
  4. Ad-sense – For Adsense Optimized theme
  5. Avada – All in one Multipurpose Theme

I hope This Article Will Help You To Choose a Perfect And Multipurpose Theme, Especially For Blogging. You Can Subscribe to Our Secret Telegram Community And Join Our Facebook VIP Group To Get Help Related To Your Website And Blogging.

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Trending 5 Famous WordPress Themes For Blogging [Pro]


Anil Agarwal One Of The Most Successful Blogger and Entrepreneur From India Announced The $13,000+ MEGA Bloggers Passion Giveaway. Where You Will Get Chance To Win Premium SEMrush , webhosting and More.

Who Is Anil Agarwal ?

Anil Agrawal Is The Founder Of BloggersPassion Where He Shares About Proven Blogging Tips and Affiliate Marketing Strategies. He Started BloggersPassion on Jan 1st 2010, which has been featured on,,, and

Bloggers Passion Have More Than 190K Monthly Visitors (According To Similarweb) and generate More Than $10K/Mon Through this Blog.


Similarweb is Great way to analyze and segment your website audience. Plus, the competitive analysis provided by the tool is really good – great insights.

What You Will Get On This Mega Giveaway ?

Participating In This Giveaway Unlocked The Chance to Win Lot’s Of Premium Blogging Tools and Resources Like :

  • Premium web hosting accounts
  • Access to premium SEO tools worth thousands of dollars!
  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • A 30-minute call with me for the top 3 winners and many more

Which Was A Big Opportunity For Us !!

So What Are You Waiting ?

How To Participate In This Giveaway ?

This Giveaways Is For Everyone. So You can Join Without Any Hesitation :

  1. Join Our Premium Private Facebook group For Free To Stay Updated About Giveaways and Blogging.
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  3. Giveaway Leader Is Chosen Out By Points means High Point High To Winning Chance !!
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Prize pools Name :

You Will Get This Following Items After Winning The Giveways :


This Is The Great Opportunity , Grab It Now Through Our Facebook Private Group


The Surprising Truth About 7 Reasons to Never Ever Start Blogging?

Many Of You Crowd With Blogging and Want To Start a Blogging. Nowadays day by day People Are Involving In Online Marketing World, every Marketer First Most Choice Become To Start Blogging. Blogging Becomes a Starting Points For Everyone. Everyone Want’s To Be Successful In This Passion But Why?

Just Writing content and Publishing On Google makes Millions Of Dollar For People, Is This True? Ha !! Is This Joking What You Think?

In This Article, I will Mention Why 7 Reasons to Never Ever Start Blogging?, Why People Are Day By Day Involving In This field, what they will get From This? Let’s Began The Journey !!

7 Reasons to Never Ever Start Blogging?

Easy To Start

Well, Everyone is Well Known About The Blogging. Blogging Journey Can Began Any Age Group of People From Their Room with Bed or Coffee Table. So then, Why You don’t Never, Ever Start Blogging?

A 16 Yrs Of Old Guys Becomes Millionaire From Blogging Then Why Don’t You? Because of Anywhere and Anyone Can Start Blogging.

Low Budget

Building larger Business aspect of Blogging Can Start From a Low Budget, or Without Budget So Anyone Can Start Without Hesitation and Trouble. If You Already Build Your Business Website, You can Also Start Blogging With One Blog Page without any Extra Resources.

If You Are Starting A Blog From Scratch Then It’s Only cost 10-12$ For Domain and 30-50$ For The First Typical Hosting Then What You Think to Never Ever Start Blogging?

Low Risk

If You are investing 10-12$, which may Help To Make You Millions of Dollar, Then Automatically, It Decreases The Risk Level Of Your Business. Then This Also Applied On Blogging. So even You Can Start a Free Of Cost. Then Why You Think About Risk?

Full Flexibility

In Blogging, You will Get Full Flexibility Of Timing And Doing Your Own Activities. Creating a Blogs which makes You Make Passive Income means you can work and make Revenue at any Time

No Deadline, No Boss You Can Work And Earn Anytime Without any Pressure, Then Why You Don’t Never, Ever Start Blogging?.

Self Growth

If You are Researching, Reading and Writing Lot’s and Try To Speedup Yourself On Your Niche To Publish Article Fast in Google which Automatically Helps To Build Your Passion In Your Field. It Helps To Expertise On Your Niche.

You Can Build Yourself; You can Improve Your Skills and Helps To Boost Your Passion. So then, Why Never Ever Start Blogging?

Helps To Build Audience And Connection

For a Business Person Or a Person, It has a Great Opportunity to Expand Yourself and Build Your Own Audience To Increase The Profits and Sells On Your Products And Content.

If You Already Have Your Business Then It has great Benefit To derive Traffic From Google By Providing Fresh Content and Ranking Your Multiple Keywords For Your Business. Which Automatically Increase Your Brand Level and Helps To Build Your Personal Identity among The Peoples Then Why Never Ever Start Blogging?

Multiple Ways Of Income

Blogging Makes You Growth Your Revenue From Multiple Source. You Can Monetized Your Site With :

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Products And Links
  • Sponsor Content
  • Paid Guest Post

You Can Grow Your Revenue With Lot’s Of Ways Like Email Marketing, Social Shares And More Then Why Never, Ever Start Blogging?


Blogging Enables You To Be Financial Freedom Where You Can Work With Yourself Without Any Instruction Or Boss. Ya, It Takes Time and Hardwork To Build Yourself In This Passion, But When Once You Stablish Then Automatically, It Generates Yourself As a Passive Income and Helps To Build Your Own Identity. So Once Again Why Never Ever Start Blogging?

If You Think This Is Helpful Don’t Forget To Share And Subscribe US

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The Surprising Truth About 7 Reasons to Never Ever Start Blogging?

Top Non-Techie Jobs For Beginners [ Freelancing Jobs For Beginners ]


The Second Wave of the COVID Pandemic is Spreading World Wide. Now All Offices, Schools, and Colleges Are Going To Shutdown And Everyone is in their Homes. Work From Home Was Started, But Everyone Hasn’t That Kind of Fortune to work from Home.

If You Are A Non-Techie Person and haven’t any Kind OF Jobs Then Don’t Worry You Can Beggan Your Online Jobs, without Any Kind Of Technical Skills There Are Lot’s of People Doing online Jobs and Making Income. This Article Will Help You To Began Your Online Journey.

Before Getting The Idea OF Jobs You Need To Prepare Yourself ,

Nowadays There Are Lot’s Of Platform Which Creates The Opportunity For Internet Business and Jobs, One Opportunity Can Make Your Sucess Enterpenure And Millionaire. You Can Be Your Own Boss. There Are lots Of Freelancing websites where You Can Do Lots Of Projects and Jobs Where You Can Make a Good Income. Before Searching a Jobs Firstly Work On Yourself or Follow These Steps:

  • Start Learning Skills
  • Try To Make Your Own Portfolio
  • Get Online Certificates To Boost Your Portfolio
  • Build Your Own Site
  • Learn To Be Patient

Let’s Ahead To The Topic !!

Top Non Techie Jobs For Beginners

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is the Best Job For Beginners. There are lots Of Platforms Where People Hire To Write For There Business Purpose. There Is No Required Of Any Technical Squall; If have Good English Writing SKills You Can Easily Involve in This Jobs. You Can Learn Through the Internet.

2. Youtubing

You Already Know About It. If You Have any Good Skills or Knowledge on any Topics You Can Share Your Ideas As a Medium Of Videos On YouTube. Or You Can Learn Through the Internet and Share Content on YouTube Where You Can Make Big Income. YouTube is the Best Platform to Build Own Brand And Be Your Own Boss. If You Grow, Later You will Get a lot of Sponsorship to make massive Money or get Jobs to Make Youtube Videos For Clients.

3. Blogging

Many Internet Marketers Making Thousands to millions of Dollar Through Blogging. You Don’t Need Any Specials Knowledge for Blogging there are Lot’s Of Resources Available On The Internet You Can Utilize Them And Can Start Your Blogging. You Can Make Money Through Adsense, Affiliate Marketing & Sponsorship in the Blogging. You Can Read Here :

4. Social Media Handler

Social Media Handler Is Kinda Jobs where You Need to Manage the Social Networks like You Need to Keep Posting on Pages, Groups, replying Comments and More. I added these Jobs to This List because You don’t need any technical skills & You Already Know How To Use Social Sites Like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, or Others.

5. Translator

Language is A Mediate To Communicate; In This Global Community, You Need To Explore Yourself SO Exploring Yourself or Your Business in Different Region of the world may trouble Some So We Need Translator To Explore Ourselves And Business.

English is A Worldwide Accepted Language, But There are Lot’s Of People Who don’t Know English, so that a Translator may require. There is no Kind Of Technical Skills; only You Have Good English Speaking Skills and Your community Language. So, There is Also an Opportunity In The Market To Make Money As a Translator.

6. PTC Sites

PTC sites are an easy and Best Medium To make Money at the Beginning. PTC sites are known as the Paid To Click, Where You Can Earn By Clicking or Watching Few Seconds Of Ads Videos. You Can Also Earn By Completing Surveys on PTC Sites. There Are Lot’s OF People Who Making 100-500$/month Through PTC Sites. You Can Try This.

7. Micro Jobs

Micro Job is temporary jobs where You get a Task To Complete Like writing Blogs, Sending Emails, Creating Accounts, Installing Apps like that. After Completing the Task, You will get a Few Bucks. You will get the money according To Your Task. So You Can Make Good Money Through Micro Jobs.

Where To Get Freelancing Jobs For Beginners ?

Now You Get The Ideas Of Freelancing Jobs

If You Have A Multiple Skills , Specialized On One. Staying Focus On One May Help To Boost Your Passion and Help to reach Your Destination Fast.

There Are Lot’s Of Platform which Providing a Freelance Opportunity Some of Best Are as Follow:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Flexwork
  • Truelancer

I Hope You Get The Idea, If You Have Any Query Don’t Hesitate To Ask On Comments.

Don’t Forget To Share And Subscribe US !!

Top Non-Techie Jobs For Beginners  [ Freelancing Jobs For Beginners ]

Google Algorithm Update 2021:Page Experience[What You Need To Know]

Finally, Google going to launch Its Algorithm Update For 2021. History Shows That The Every New Updates of Google Algorithm Comes With Both Opportunity and Loss Of Ranking For Every Marketers and Website Owners. So Everyone should be calm and Understand the Updates Requirement.

Google New Algorithm Update 2021 brings the new term called “Page Experience”. Here You will Get About The Complete Details Of Google New Algorithm Update: Page Experience

I am Not Writing Too many Technical Words Here, To Make a Hard To Understand You..

According To Google For Page Experience

The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and helps sites evolve towards user expectations on mobile. We believe this will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction.


Means They will Measure Your Website Quality and Usability.

Google Reported That the site will not be drastically affected. Page Experience is Measured on Various Factors, According to The Page Experience Criteria,

You, Will Get a new page experience Report in the Search Console which shows both combinations of Google Core web Vitals & Page experience Signals.

Search Console : Page Experience

Google Core Web Vital Report

Core Web Vital Report is a metrics that measures the aspect of web development reports like page speed, interactivity and Visual Stability. Core web Vital metrics are such as :

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). This measures the time interval between the start of the page load to a full load of your web content means the page speed of your site. 2.5s is Knows as the Good Page Experience for Your Site.
  • First Input Delay (FID). FID measures the user interactivity of site pages. Your FID of fewer than 100 milliseconds is considered a good page experience means your website traffic should click or visit any part of your website less than 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): CLS provides signals of your web visual stability like when you reading online suddenly you are redirected outside through some unusual text, image or due to unusual layout of the website and you lost that. So Google Wants to improve on that so finally CLS measures that type of signal on sites. To be more clear watch the below video.

Above Video Shows that When User Try To click the “No, go back”, but due to popup whole screen layout shift to downward and user accidently click The “Yes Place The Order Option”.

Means The Site Must Be User Friendly. So You need To Think simply that the sites appearing on the top must not create trouble for the user experience, and Google wants to solve this problem.

Page Experience Signal

Page Experience Signal is a Old Concept Which You may Know Already Such as:

  • Mobile-Friendly. Mobile-Friendly Site Will Provide A Good Page Experience Signal and Helps To Rank.
  • Safe-Browsing. The site Must Be Secure or doesn’t contain malicious, harmful codes & scripts to get a good experience signal.
  • HTTPS. The site must be secured or encrypted with HTTPS to Get Good Signal Status.
  • Ad Experience. Annoying ads or banners decrease the user experience so you need to place ads and banners in an appropriate way.

Search Console is Already Updated You, Will, Get All This Report On Your Console Dashboard. You Can Filtre Individual Pages so That You will Get Better Analysis OF Your Website. With a Quality Content, You Need To Give or Boost up Your Site in a Proper Layout.

User Experience Is Most Important. There Will Be More Improvement In Future.

If You Love Your Site, User Also need to love Your Site which makes happen Through Website Quality and Content. Once The User Gets a Good Experience and they will repeatedly visit Your Site then Google Automatically Rank Your Site on Top Page.

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Google Algorithm Update 2021:Page Experience[What You Need To Know]

100+ Web 2.0 site List 2021 For Backlink Building,featured


Hey, Want to improve Your Site Ranking by creating a Backlinks with Web 2.0 Then This Article Is For You Let’s Before Going to main Lists Let’s Understand First,

What is Web 2.0 Sites?

Web 2.0 is nothing but sites Like a Where You Can Publish Your Content on Subdomain Based as a web address which was not appropriate For Professional But You can Spread Your Content or Brand on Multiple Platform.

Like You Can Publish Your Blogs in BlogSpot by creating Own site in Subdomain as a web address

Is it Risky?

Yes , I saw many of Selling in Fiverr and Other Platform as a link Building Service in Few Bucks Using a Spun Content Which may be a Bad Impact on SEO Ranking while Google Algorithm Updates your Sites will Thrown Out, Even i also got into on That Trap So Be Carefull.

But Don’t Worry There is a Solution. If You Take a Web2.0 is Your Own Link Building Strategies with Quality Content on High Authority Websites which I Listed On This Article Will Help to Improve Your Site Ranking

How To Practice With WEB 2.0?

  1. Choose The Reputed & Trusted Sites Which I share In This Article
  2. Make a Different Web 2.0 Platform For Different Niche
  3. Try To make a web2.0 by Using your Domain Keyword or Main Keyword
  4. Create all Necessary Web Pages like About Us, Privacy Policy & Disclaimer Pages
  5. Write a Quality Content or Unique Content For Your Article If You Want to Use Content Spinner Use Best One Like Spine Rewriter which helps to Automate Your Link Building or You Can Hire Content Writers.
  6. Never Link Yor Article In First Post Try To publish or Schedule Posts in Few Month Difference It will help to index fast your web 2.0

After Indexing Your Articles of Web 2.0 Start your Linking Money Sites Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Post. Treat your web 2.0 Sites as Normal Sites try to make 20-30 web 2.0 in Different Platform.

Web 2.0 Sites List

  • http://pointblog.internet
  • http://blog5.internet
  • http://dbblog.internet
  • http://uzblog.internet
  • http://getblogs.internet
  • http://timeblog.internet
  • http://acidblog.internet
  • http://isblog.internet
  • http://blogdon.internet
  • http://imblogs.internet

Final Words

Many People Say That Web 2.0 Is a Black hat Technique but if you Create a 100 Genuine Website In different Platform Then What’s Wrong In That. Set Your Goal and Complete in Small Baby Steps it will Surely Give You Good Result.

Don’t Forget To Read Some Best Articles

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100+ Web 2.0 site List 2021 For Backlink Building,featured
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