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What is Bitcoin? A Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide

Hai, Are You Excited To Learn About World Most Popular Crypto Currency called Bitcoin.

I Know Nowadays There Is a Crypto Currencies news that is Trending Everywhere. So definitely, If You didn’t know about it, it’s automatically Increased The Curiosity On You to learn about cryptos, especially about Bitcoin.

In short, Bitcoin is a Digital Currency Which is Use as Digital Money On Todays. Without Being Technical and make a Pain on your Head, you will Get a Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide in this Article.

Before Dipping On The Topic, Let’s Start with The History Of Bitcoin.

History Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was fully developed & launched in 2009 By Anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto– Which may be a person or a Group- Mystery are Still Unkown.

The reason behind to development of bitcoin is to develop the first electronic cash system that was fully decentralized means there are no owners or central authorities & servers to control & production of the currencies, which was fully automated on technology with fully secure and in good prototype.

Do You Know?

In 2010 first time Bitcoin was used to Buy Pizza. Someone Purchase Two Pizzas With More Than 10,000 Bitcoin. If he Holds that Bitcoin now, that would be worth more than $100 Million.

In 2011, Nakamoto Shared the Source Code and Published The Domain with Bitcoin Community.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not physically available as currency notes or dollars. It does not rely on any government or agencies, so it is decentralized.

Bitcoin is used as currency to buy things. The transactions are verified through a blockchain system. There are no accounts, addresses, or numbers that identify the account owners. But there are unique encrypted keys that connect the buyers and sellers, so it is highly Private, Anonymous & Secure.

Like Gold & Diamonds, It is Produced Through Mining, But the mining Process was done inside the CPU & processor of computers. You can read the details of Bitcoin mining in the Below Paragraph.

Bitcoin Mining produces Bitcoins & transitions are verified through a Blockchain system using powerful energy processors computers.

There are 18.5 million bitcoins produced, and about 2.5million is left to mine, which means there will be a total of 21 million bitcoins in existence. These are circulated and used as an exchange in the future.

In mining, computers solve complex mathematical problems that will be more difficult according to time. Every Time Computer solves one block of bitcoins means the miner will get a reward of 1 bitcoin. A user established a bitcoin address to receive bitcoin.

A small Unit of Bitcoin is Satoshi. BTC represented Bitcoin.

100 Million Satoshi = 1 Bitcoin

Do You Know?

Every day 900 Bitcoin is produced in The world & 89.660% of Bitcoin is Produced in total.

What is Wallet?

The wallet is a type of digital wallet used to buy and send cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. In cryptocurrencies, wallets are software and programme representing cryptographic control and access of blockchain address which is used to receive and send bitcoins.

In Wallet, Users are provided secret numbers or Private Keys corresponding to the blockchain address.

If you lose or leak these private wallet keys, you will forever lose or steal your coins. Through Your Wallet Keys, anyone can send your coins on their own. You can’t regain coins because these are highly anonymous & Never Identified.

Mainly There are four types of wallets:

Desktop Wallets: Desktop wallets are installed on laptops & computers, which give You full functionality To control your wallet. In Market, some wallets give you some extra functionality like node software & Exchange features.

Desktop wallets are relatively insecure in terms of security because computers can be hacked or get easily unauthorized access.

Some Popular Desktop Wallets are:

  • Bitcoin Core,
  • Armory,
  • Hive OS X, and Electrum

Mobile wallets: Mobile wallets are the same functionality as desktop which can be used on both ios & Android

These wallets give mobility & Ease of use while payment on shops & QR-Payments.

There are many malware-infected mobile wallets, so do some research before choosing mobile wallets.

Bitcoin Wallet, Mycelium Bitcoin, Hive Android Wallet are popular mobile wallets.

Web Wallets: Web wallets are the most popular and Highly using crypto wallets that allow you to store, exchange, & transfer Your coins easily, Which can be accessed from anywhere to any device. Even You can get access Through Emails.

Having Good security but web wallets are also at counterparty risk because malware and phishing attacks steal your password. Mainly These Are Hacked Due to Bitcoin users logged with many third party services.

Some popular Web wallets are Coinbase, Gemini and Blockchain.

Hardware Wallets: Hardware wallets are the most secure bitcoin wallets. There is a rare case of successful attacks on hardware wallets because they store private keys on physical devices which is inaccessible through the internet.

These wallets are developed as a USB drive where if you want to bitcoin transactions on the Computer, you can plug the hardware wallet in your system, which can transition without compromising the private’s keys.

Hardware wallets are immune to virus attacks and theft protection, which may cost around 100-200$. The Popular Hardware wallets are Ledger and Trezor.

Note: Hackers Highly target crypto coins; they can’t hack the blockchain system, mainly Bitcoin or any Other crypto coins that are hacked and theft Through the wallets, exchanges & Third Parties Logins which give accessibility to access Your Private Keys.

So means,

Wallet security is essential to secure your crypto coins. Hackers can steal Bitcoin through weak wallets. So must be careful On wallets.

Do You Know?

Mt Gox hack is the world ever biggest bitcoin hacking where hackers stole 850,000 BTC.

How to Use Bitcoin?

I think You Know the Some Basic Terms of Bitcoin Now. Apart From Mining, You can Earn and get bitcoins From Different ways. Many websites pay you rewards as a bitcoin after completing specific tasks to Earn Bitcoin On Freeways. Another way is that You can accept as a payment for goods, even earn more through bitcoin trading, which was now legitimate in many countries. You can track your bitcoin as digital payments like transition, total amount, sending and receiving reports through wallets like Coinbase, which are easy to set up like your Paypal accounts. 100,000 merchants accept bitcoin as a digital payment where you can buy gift cards to Pizza.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoins

Cryptos are the future of currencies that are used as money and digital payments in the world. With Lots of Opportunities, there are many risks or Concs of Bitcoins like this is new for our world. We didn’t know many values and assets of this technology which is even more to explain.

There is No governing part for Bitcoin, which is anonymous. So many illegal activities are running through Bitcoins; we can’t complain to anybody if we lose or lose Bitcoins, which are Unstable. Starting trading without good skills and knowledge is even riskier. Middle-Class Investing may be more complex than other people.

Don’t worry; there are many rules, and terms are emerging now to make secure bitcoins. Many countries are fully accepting and promoting bitcoin as digital money.


Who is The Founder of Bitcoin?

The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Is it Good to Invest On Bitcoin?

Without Good Knowledge and analytical skills, Investing In Bitcoin May be Risky.

What is the Official Website of Bitcoin?

The official website of Bitcoin is

What are Bitcoin Exchanges?

Bitcoin Exchanges is Changing your Crypto coin into real-world money like dollars and your local currencies.

Cryptos can make a new record in the global economy, having lower transition fees for online exchanges of money and increasing the protection from identity theft by having a secure nature of the transition.

So There have Both Opportunities and Risks on Bitcoins. Curing the Negative assets of Bitcoin and giving some central thoughts and laws for cryptos, we can save cryptos as a future of currencies Because the Future would be the time of technology. Traditional economies & currencies would be replaced and make one globalized economy in some decades of the world.

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What is Bitcoin? A Bitcoin Complete Beginners Guide
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